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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm not the biggest Schiaparelli fan in the world, especially after being scammed and sold fake Schiaparellis about a year ago. I wrote about this in this blog and if you never saw it, you can still read it HERE. That incident really frightened me, not to mention it cost me money and since then, I've shied away from purchasing Schiaparelli jewelry. But then I saw this one! It's the most gorgeous Schiaparelli I've ever seen and I just had to have it. It cost me a bundle, but given its condition, color and the name, I knew this one was worth every penny.

For those of you unfamiliar with Schiaparelli, her jewelry is today highly collectible and not easy to acquire: there's just not that much of it around. That of course, also makes it quite expensive.

Schiaparelli began producing jewelry in the 1930's but she wasn't limited to jewelry: she had scarves, perfume and hosiery. Movie stars wore her items and her name was on everyone's lips. According to the book, COSTUME JEWELRY 101 by Julia C. Carrol, "Schiaparelli's famous 'Shocking' fragrance is still produced today in France, in limited edition bottles selling for $1,000 each". Talk about a successful name brand!

Elsa Schiaparelli's jewelry was often "large" i.e. bold in design and size of stones. She also favored irregular shapes and cuts and her "watermelon" bracelets, brooches and earrings were sought after then and now. But her signature color was shocking pink. And that, dear reader, is just one of the reasons I jumped on this set when I saw it: look at the fabulous use of pinks in this showpiece set.

In this set she has used the occasional charcoal aurora borealis bead to contrast the stunning pink glass crystal beads. Keeping with her love of unusual cuts and shapes, these give way to fuschia colored marquise and large round cuts. Notice though something really different about this necklace: it's asymmetrical! That photo isn't crooked: this is how the necklace is worn i.e. with the crystal beads suddenly yielding to a fantastic melee of charcoal flowers and smaller floral clusters that run up only one side of the necklace. This is such an amazing necklace in every way. It comes, of course, with the matching earrings shown in the top photo.

All stones are in great condition, as is the rhodium-plate backing on all the pieces. I just wish you could see the cut of some of the stones. I've never seen anything like these: the faceting is often asymmetrical, just like the necklace design. Only the person who ultimately buys this one will see what I mean. It's a marvel in so many ways. And both necklace and earrings are signed "Schiaparelli".

You can see more photos of this collector's Schiaparelli by clicking on the photos above or clicking THIS LINK to our RUBY LANE SHOP. As I said earlier, Schiaparelli jewelry in her beloved pink, and in this superb condition is what serious designer vintage jewelry collectors seek. The price is less than what some are paying for Sherman cuff bracelets, but in certain circles, a Schiaparelli like this one can be even more valuable because of its rarity. Don't let this one go to someone else. Make it yours!

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p.s. so sorry to hear about your Elsa Shiaparelli story.