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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Before I expand on the subject line of today's post, I want to ask my readers if you followed those couple of ebay auctions for Sherman that I talked about in my last post? If you didn't you might be interested in knowing that the stunning red/white necklace/earring demi sold for $800 US, only $195 below the BUY IT NOW price. And if I'm not wrong, the buyer is the same person who's been buying up a pile of Shermans on ebay. I talked about that 2 posts back HERE.

And despite the fact that it had only clear rhinestones, the Art Deco bow necklace Sherman sold for just under $382 US. Phew! What's going on with Shermans on ebay right now? They're getting prices I've never seen before. But now look how just having one stone missing can devalue a Sherman. The lovely Sherman bracelet shown below sold for only $162.50.

Had it not been missing a stone, with that style and the lovely colors, it would have gone for at least another $100 over that I'm sure.

Well anyway, onto today's post. When I saw the Sherman below listed on ebay this week, I did a double take. For starters, I didn't know Sherman put out pieces like this. Live and learn.

This is a beautiful faux pearl and aurora borealis crystal set and if you click on the photo, you can read all about it at ebay. My guess is the bidding will be pretty fierce on this one as again it's anything but a traditional Sherman, and let me tell you, that buyer who keeps winning all the auctions is already the high bidder on this one too. It still has nearly 4 days to go at the time I'm writing this but just watch that bidding soar.

Now the other reason I did a double take when I saw this Sherman is because of its similarity to the Juliana set by DeLizza & Elster which I currently have listed in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE and shown below:

Remarkable isn't it! Both the Juliana and the Sherman are using creamy gold beige faux pearls, and aurora borealis crystal beads in that jiggly bib style necklace and earring clusters. My asking price on the Juliana is $295. It'll be fascinating to watch and see if the Sherman look-a-like goes for more or less than that. But it also proves how closely the vintage designers followed each others styles and trends. Of course, nothing changes much when it comes to following trends in fashion, does it. One designer comes out with something and suddenly the shops are filled with the same kind of thing, all by different designers.

I've seen many Julianas in this style (like the goreous one on the left) but it's the first time I've seen a Sherman like this. I'll be watching the auction. Will you? If you bid on it, good luck beating out that buyer who's buying up the Shermans on ebay. What a collection she has now!

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