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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My first encounter with a Jabel ring was a lucky find. I had never heard of Jabel. I purchased the gorgeous ring on the right because I like art deco design and this one was stunning. It also had superb diamonds, VS quality and G - H clarity. I knew I'd found an excellent diamond ring for those reasons. But I didn't know it was a Jabel. It was my daughter who spotted the name, wearing a little thin in the 18k gold band. She made me jump when she said "My God mom ... it's a Jabel!" I was like, "so?" Being the connosieur of diamonds and gemstone rings that she is, she quickly informed me that I had acquired one of the very best rings made in America and that she wanted to steal it from me LOL. "Not a chance!" said I as I rushed to research "Jabel".

I won't go into all the details about Jabel, but I will direct you to the JABEL WEBSITE. There you will learn that Jabel, an American company, makes no compromises on quality or workmanship. Each piece of jewelry ... and they make rings, bracelets, necklaces ... is hand- assembled, set, finished and polished with as many as 50 separate steps to complete a piece of jewelry. Little wonder that Jabel jewelry costs more and retains its value, even when it's second and third hand. It's not easy to locate and buy an inexpensive piece of Jabel jewelry. So expect to pay more for it when you do.

That first lucky encounter for me has got me always on the lookout for vintage Jabel pieces and I've been lucky to find a few. And I must say that when I list them in my Ruby Lane Shop, they're not there for long. My first two rings, the one above, and the delightfully vintage yellow and rose gold bow ring below, sold within hours of listing them!

Just look at those photos! How beautiful are those designs! And let me tell you: the quality of the diamonds in both those rings is outstanding!

I have managed to acquire 3 more Jabel rings and all will be listed in the next while in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE. Amongst those scheduled for listing are a one-carat eternity band and a 1/4ct. solitaire, both set in 18k. You'll need to subscribe to our SHOP AT RUBY LANE if you want to stay on top of new additions as they come in. All you have to do is register at Ruby Lane and then use the "Subscribe" link in the left-hand menu on our home page.

But we do have the JABEL WEDDING SET below listed in our shop right now and it's a beauty!

Set in tri-color 14k gold, this Jabel wedding set is for those who want a wedding duo that will set them apart from the rest. The gorgeous engagement ring features a .33 ct solitaire of VS2 clarity and H color. And just look at that design: it's the pink, green and yellow foliate design ... RARE!
You can read all the details about this unique JABEL WEDDING SET by clicking THIS LINK or the photo above. At only $795 USD, this is a steal. Most second-hand Jabel rings go for twice that!

Is there a wedding in your future, maybe in 2009? Buying this wedding set is more than just acquiring a lovely set of rings: purchasing this wedding ring set is an investment in one of the very best names in jewelry making today: JABEL.


Emmalee said...

Do you have more information on this ring? I have the exact set, given to me by my fiance's mother for our wedding. She has since passed and I'd love to find out more about the history, date, etc. that this particular type of set was made. Thanks for any info you might have!

Anonymous said...

I would also like more information on this ring set. My mother's was stolen from her home and we are trying to find a replacement. Any history on the design, make, etc would be helpful.
Thank you! JM


I'm sorry. This set here was available in 2009 and I don't have any others or knowledge of where you could find one, let alone more info about the history, date of this Jabel style. Perhaps one of our readers might be able to help.

Anonymous said...

My set was also stolen from my home several years ago. I never took off my rings - except I had been working in the yard and my hands were swollen. I loved those rings and what they stood for - my wedding, in 1974, to my husband and best friend. I was distraught when they were stolen! We purchased our set new from a jewelry store in Gainesville, FL. I would truly love to find another!


Isn't it just amazing how popular this particular ring set is. And I'd like a dollar for each person who's told me their set was lost or stolen. All I can say is if you have one, guard it carefully. If you're looking for one and come across it, buy it!!

Anonymous said...

Truly a beautiful ring!
The carved roses are actually rose gold and the leaves are green gold. The set is still available at

I recently replaced on through them; they have very competitive prices!

Gracie said...

I just found you by searching "Jabel'... you won't believe my story. About 10 years ago I was at a consignment shop and they had a deco design ring in their case... I kept looking at it because it was such a pretty gold. I don't wear yellow gold but this ring was a really light yellow gold with 3 diamonds set in white gold... the price tag said $20. I asked to see it and said "is this the price?" and the lady said "yes, twenty dollars". I told her I thought it looked real and she said "yes, but it's not". I bought it and put it in my jewelry box for the next 10 years. I couldn't wear it because it was TINY. Well, yesterday I decided to take it to a jewelry store owned by a friend and see what he could tell me about it. He looked at it and said it was a Jabel and that it was worth at least $900! I am having him size it to fit me and I'll have it back in a week! I'm currently researching to try to find a date for it... its very deco but I'm not sure it's really that old because if it is, it must have NEVER been worn... it looks brand new! Yay for me!!! Thanks for letting me vent, none of my friends wear "fancy" jewelry so no one is as excited as I am!


Hi Gracie

Well maybe your friends aren't impressed but I share your excitement! To pick up a vintage JABEL for $20 is terrific in itself. How lucky you are! And to then find it could be worth about $900 is even better. Jabels don't come cheap. I pay a lot for mine. And if yours is indeed DECO, then that's even better. I've yet to come across other older Jabels like the ones shown in this post. I do have a superb JABEL in our Divine Finds Shop now that is appraised over $7000, but the style is more contemporary ie. 70's upwards.

Anyway, enjoy your JABEL and keep it safe. That is truly a "divine find"!

John Stone said...

I have a Jabel Engagement ring that I am currently looking to get rid of, well sorta. My plan is to take the diamond and put it on another ring, and propose to my girl friend with it. However I am double checking to see what the ring would go for. It was originally my sisters ring, she kept the wedding band, as she had that before she was married, but gave me the diamond engagement ring to either use the diamond or trade for a new ring.

Sounds like there is a demand for this ring, if so would anyone want photos of it or info? You have about 2 weeks to respond before its gone. email me at jhnst190(AT) and I would be happy to send or text you photos.

Lori Lantz said...

I have this ring set and was wanting to sell it, if anyone still has an interest. I got married in 1974 and divorced 8 years later and this set has been in my jewelry box ever since.


LORI LANTZ: how is someone supposed to contact you if they are interested?

Lori Lantz said... is my email address

Anonymous said...

I have this set andI was married in 1974. It is still made by Jabel and is still as beautiful as ever!


It's a popular set and worth keeping. Always in demand