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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As the song says, "Diamonds are Forever" and if you're planning to ask someone to spend forever with you on Valentines Day, what could be more perfect than a gorgeous, high quality solitaire like the one shown on the right?

Now brand new, a diamond ring with a .65 carat diamond of VS2 clarity, flanked by another .12 cts of accent diamonds on either side would cost you a pretty penny. And in today's economy, for some paying a fortune for a new ring just isn't feasible. That's why it's just smart thinking to consider a vintage, pre-loved ring. After all, a quality diamond doesn't lose value just because it once belonged to someone else. The ring above is made by "RingCraft". It's 14k yellow gold and it's priced at only $1595. But if you purchase it before February 14th, we'll take another 10% of that price.

If that price is still more than you can afford, consider the JABEL .26ct solitaire set in 18k gold shown below:

JABEL rings are so expensive brand new and they're hard to find second-hand. Well here's your chance to get a top of the line Jabel solitaire of no less than VS1, and possibly as good as VVS2 clarity and F-G color for only $425! That's an incredible price.

In our VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE, we have an amazing collection of vintage diamond and gemstone rings at a fraction of the price you'd pay if you were purchasing the same ring brand new. Maybe you're not looking for an engagement ring to give someone special for Valentines, but you'd like to give her a ring. What about something like the dazzling emerald and diamond cluster cocktail ring on the left? That one's only $450 but we'll take another $50 off it if you purchase it before Valentine's Day.

And if that is still a bit more than you want to spend, we have so many others like our pretty little ruby and diamond ring in 10k for only $90 or our unique 9ct. Victorian synthetic Alexandrite ring shown below for only $150:

So many wonderful and affordable rings to choose from! Whether it's an engagement ring, eternity ring, or just a special ring you need for your Valentine, slip over to VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE now. We have lots of "Valentine Specials" running right now, but you need to hurry if we're to get it to you in time for Valentines' Day. Think love; think Valentine; think VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE.


Pinky said...

A couple of nights ago I was cleaning my mothers diamond ring that my father bought her 55 years ago and noticed it said 18K JABEL on the inside. When I did the researched on it and watched a video of how they make they're settings they said they have not changed the alloys that they use for making white gold since 1916. They DO NOT use Rhodium Plate to enhance their white gold. I hate Rhodium Plate... it tarnishes so quickly and you have to pay to have it re dipped. It's a money making deal. Now that I know there is still quality jewelry out there I will be looking forward to buying a quality piece from JABEL. By the way my Mom gave me that diamond ring about 11 years ago and it still looks as beautiful as when my father bought it for her in 1961 for Christmas.

Viga Boland said...

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for commenting. Incidentally, this blog post dates back to 2009. We no longer carry any Jabel.