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Sunday, November 16, 2008


On Friday, November 14, our largest local newspaper ran an article and photos of some of the items that would be auctioned in the Sotheby's Auction in Geneva this coming week. I was blown away by the prices they quoted. As a matter of fact, as long as the link holds, you can see some of the photos of the jewelry they'll be selling HERE.

Sotheby's has a 71.73 emerald-cut diamond ring expected to fetch $5 million, a necklace of 160 diamonds for $2 million, and a multi-strand necklace of natural pearls that should bring in $1.3 million! Doesn't this boggle the mind? I can't even sell a single strand of natural pearls these days for $20! No-one seems to be interested in buying pearls, at least not in the circle I'm selling to and that's such a shame as they are really so very beautiful.

But getting back to diamond rings, necklaces etc., it makes me feel good to know that at least in our RUBY LANE SHOP, we carry top grade diamond and gemstone rings at prices that, compared to Sotheby's, are so utterly reasonable. Take that glorious ruby and diamond estate ring shown above. The ruby in it is 2.03cts and is flanked by 4 lovely diamonds in a fabulously ornate 14k gold setting. The conservative appraisal we had done in 2007 puts the ring at $2,109.00 CAD ... an our appraiser values jewelry on the low side. We have this ring listed for only $889 US.

Then there's the outstanding 1.89ct marquise diamond ring shown above, which we've just had appraised. Are you ready for this? It appraised at $13,150.00!! The appraisal is shown with the listing for this ring in OUR RUBY LANE SHOP. And what are we selling it for? We're asking a mere $4995.00 US. We accept layaway. It may not be a Sotheby's diamond ring but again, who can afford Sotheby's jewelry? Not your average buyer, that's for sure.

We have many more fantastic rings in OUR RUBY LANE SHOP. We have opals, tourmalines, incredible sapphires, even platinum/diamond rings at prices you'll never find in a shop or at Sotheby's. And yes, we have lower end rings too, starting as low as $99, for those who just can't go into thousands for a ring but want something of quality for that special person or for themselves this Christmas.

There's this knockout cocktail ring in 14k gold with 8 tanzanite gemstones as clear as you can get in a lovely lavender shade. It's only $195 on sale. Your friends will be green with envy when you flash this one around at those Christmas parties or on New Year's Eve.

And if you're into novelty rings, we actually have the one in 14k gold with top quality diamonds shown below. It's just so different!

This ring is actually two rings in one. When it's closed, it just looks like a lovely diamond heart ring. But then you can open it up to reveal another smaller heart beneath the split heart on top. It's utterly unique and perfect for that person who wants a conversation piece. Just watch folks' eyes light up in surprise when you split that heart to reveal the other hear ring below. Incidentally, it weighs 7.2 grams of 14k and has nearly a quarter carat of Si1 diamonds. This is no cheap silly ring. It's top quality all the way and we're only asking $250!

Let's face it: things are tough right now and it's hard to buy Christmas presents in this economy. But with rings like these, beautiful vintage rings that have been pre-loved and pre-worn but are in great condition and offer top quality diamonds and gemstones, you can still afford to give someone you love a valuable Christmas gift that shows them how much they mean to you. Sure, you didn't buy it at a Sotheby's auction. You bought it at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE. What a smart shopper you are! They won't love you less. They'll love you more for buying quality at great prices.