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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Designer vintage jewelry is fascinating to study. It's so rich in designs and variations. And some of it commands such huge prices even though it's half a century or more older. This past week at Ebay has been busy with auctions on designer vintage pieces. One I missed out on and really wanted to get ( I was asleep when it finished...grrrr) was this exquisite red rhinestone bracelet & necklace set by Kramer shown above. What a magnificent demi! Shown below is a closeup of the stones. The color is fantastic. The entire set looks so rich. I really envy the lucky bidder who won this set for a mere $86 US!

Another glittery vintage set that went this week was by Trifari. I never realized when I first heard of Trifari that many of his designs were indeed glitzy with rhinestones. I was more familiar with his gold-toned modernistic pieces. But just look at this necklace below:

It's made of sapphire-colored and clear crystals and sprays out in a dazzling display of icicle-like one-inch long spokes. It's worn choker style. It would look superb with a strapless gown and all eyes would be on the necklace before the gown, that's for sure. It sold for $455 US!

I watched 2 other pieces this week. One was the unusual necklace by Hobe shown on the left. While it's not my cup of tea ... a bit too gaudy for my liking (but so is the Trifari above LOL!) someone like it enough to pay $167.50US for it.
I must admit, when you look at it closely, you can't help but admire the craftsmanship, the unusual use of various styles and colors of stones. What an eye some of these vintage designers had, somehow knowing a combination like this would work and still be desired decades after it was made!

The other auction I paid attention to this week was for the 3-piece set of matching jewelry by
Regency shown on the right. This is an odd set in that it looks to me like all pieces are from one set but it consists of two bracelets, one larger and wider, the other smaller and daintier. Perhaps the original owner came across a bracelet/earring set and later found the same color combination in yet another bracelet. Nothing like variety is there. Anyway, this Regency set of jewelry had 22 bids on it and went for $144 US ... all of which proves what I've been saying all along in this blog: designer vintage jewelry, especially if it's signed and in good to excellent condition, is a valuable investment!