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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


In our SHOP at RUBY LANE and on our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE, we carry a variety of gorgeous vintage items, especially gold necklaces, bracelets and rings. So what do we sell most frequently? RINGS! Women just love rings and men know that too. So we are always on the lookout for beautiful or unusual vintage rings, like the exquisite cornflower blue sapphire shown on the right. Isn't that one of the most amazing rings you've ever seen? It's Art Deco/early retro and set in 14k gold and palladium. Palladium?! Yes, a very precious metal and not one you come across every day.

You know that's something shoppers sometimes don't take into consideration ... the metal and the carat of the metal ... used in a ring. While we might like the look of silver (I do!) it's not as valuable as a ring made of gold. Of course, when it comes to gold, the higher the karat of the gold, the higher the price for the ring. So if you come across a ring made from 18k, expect to pay quite a bit more than you would for one fashioned from 10k.

And then there's platinum ... a very precious and very expensive metal. That's the metal used in the gorgeous Art Deco emerald/tsavorite-green stones ring on the left. Even though the stones are probably garnet (i.e. not emeralds) a ring like this one, made with 6.8 grams of platinum is very valuable. Of course, it does contain 0.16 ct. of VS quality diamonds too. If you click on these photos, you can see more photos on these rings in our shop at Ruby Lane. Sorry, they're sold but we carry many more gorgeous rings.

This month, we're featuring the brilliant pigeon blood red ruby and diamond pave ring in 14k gold shown below. What a beauty! It has 13 round brilliant-cut diamonds of Si1- Si2 clarity and of I - J color. At 0.02 cts each, we have a total of 0.26 cts of beautiful diamonds. Alternating with the diamonds are 7 "pigeon blood red" rubies, each 0.04 ct, giving us a total of 0.28 cts of rubies. And you won't believe the price! We've reduced it from $495 to $295. Wait too long & it'll be gone too!

These are just 3 of the many lovely rings we carry in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE and on our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE. We're always on the lookout for unusual and beautiful rings that come with high quality diamonds or gemstones. Bookmark our sites or sign up for our newsletter so you know when we've added new items or put others on sale. And by the way, we cater to all budgets and offer lay-a-way too! Come visit us now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Vintage jewelry styles are making quite the comeback. You see them in the malls, current reproductions of classic vintage stylings, with lots of rhinestones to glitz up your evening or bridal wear. But fact remains, these modern renditions are still reproductions. Of course, folks buy them since authentic designer vintage jewelry can be very expensive. Names like Schiaparelli, Miriam Haskell, Schreiner, Hobe, Judy Lee, Sherman ... often cost lots of dollars.

But not all designer vintage is unaffordable. In fact, you can pick up authentic vintage, even signed pieces, for less money than you'll pay for those reproductions: it's all in the name of the designer. Jewelry by Coro, Pakula, Prestige, Emmons, even Weiss ... is vintage, lovely, and nowhere near as expensive. Take this delightful 3-piece set by Pakula shown above. This is such a pretty vintage set and well-made too. The aurora borealis stones glitter with all the colors of the rainbow. The necklace is an adjustable 16" length and you get the matching earrings and bracelet to finish it off ... all for just $18 in our RUBY LANE SHOP. Click that link or photo above to see more views. And it's an authentic signed piece of vintage jewelry too!

Then there's sets like this dazzling Austrian crystal parure above. It consists of bracelet, dangling earrings and choker. Every way you turn these aurora borealis crystals catch the light and emit such lovely colors. No they aren't diamonds but they sure catch the eye with their brilliant sparkle. This set costs only $30 in our Ruby Lane Shop. It's truly an "unsigned vintage beauty"!

There are so many lovely vintage pieces that are affordable and unsigned. Some rival the best designers for beauty. The only thing missing is that name. But if you simply love the glitz of vintage more than you love wearing names, there's so many lovely pieces available through online vintage stores, in flea markets, on ebay, e-crater and Ruby Lane. The one shown below is signed. It's a "Lady Carrington". Who's that? I don't know but it comes in its original box, is coated in 24k gold plate, is in fabulous condition and is only $20 in our Ruby Lane Shop. Affordable, lovely vintage jewelry ... and not a reproduction.