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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Boy, do I have a ring to tell you about today. This one is an absolute knockout, but you'd better love showy, flashy, large rings if you wanted to buy this one.

It's a vintage cocktail ring, set with 1.22ct of magnificent fancy yellow natural diamonds, and 1.28ct of pigeon blood-red rubies. Do click on the photo to see more views of this beauty. It's nearly indescribable but I'll do my best.

In the very center of the ring is one 4.12mm (0.25ct approx.) round brilliant cut yellow diamond. It's flanked on each side by two 3.02mm (0.10ct each) yellow diamonds. Then running around the perimeter of this centerpiece are 17 more yellow diamonds, bringing the total carat weight of just the diamonds in this ring to 1.22 cts.

But it gets even better! Surrounding all those diamonds all the way around, and bringing the top width of the ring to 1/2" wide and its length to a full 1", is an outer row of 16 lustrous prized "pigeon blood-red" color natural rubies. Each ruby is approximately 2.75mm in diameter, giving us a final ruby carat weight of 1.28 cts. That's a whopping 2.5 cts of genuine gemstones!

The diamonds in this ring are natural yellow diamonds, VS2 to Si2 clarities, with no carbon or eye-visible inclusions. The rubies too are brilliant with no dulling or opaqueness. Sizewise, it's about a 6 - 6 1/2, but since the 14k gold band is more oval than round, you can probably fit it on even a size 7 finger. That said, there's enough gold that re-sizing shouldn't be a problem.

Like we said earlier, this ring is not for the timid. It weighs 9.19 grams ... that's heavy for a lady's ring. And it's so utterly eye-catching and showy. It's not for the shy, retiring kind but if you move in the right circles where a ring like this is admired, expect everyone to be asking where you found it. You found it in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE of course! Go on! Indulge yourself and become the envy of all your friends with this magnificent ruby & diamond cocktail ring that's fit for a queen!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today I'm taking a look at another designer whose pieces command a high dollar amongst collectors: Henry Bogoff.

A Polish immigrant, Bogoff and his wife, Yvette, founded the Spear Novelty Company in Chicago in the 1920's and eventually they began including rhinestone accessories in their line. Their jewelry was very beautiful and held its own against the giants of the time like Trifari and Coro. Very well made, the backings, like Shermans, were usually silver-toned rhodium plate.

Bogoff designs are gorgeous, often using smaller rhinestones to flank larger ones for brilliant sparkle. The lovely necklace shown here is very much an art deco style and extremely classy. It is stamped with the familiar block lettering on the back of that eye-catching centerpiece that measures 1 1/4" long X 1" wide. Click on the photo to see more views of this piece which is available from our SHOP at RUBY LANE.

As is the case with most designer vintage jewelry, if you can locate sets rather than individual pieces, the value is greatly increased. However, sometimes if you look hard enough you might just come across earrings or brooches by the same designer that are a wonderful match. The Bogoff shown here is the one and only we have but it's available at a ridiculously affordable price. Be sure to click on that photo to find out more!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Back in 1982 when my children were 2 and 6 months old, my husband and I took them with us to Acapulco. Brave, don't you think? Well it all went quite well until the last 48 hours but I'll tell you about that some other time.

What I want to blog about here is that stunning silver bracelet in the photo which is currently for sale on my website at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE. On that trip, late one evening when we'd put the children to sleep and hubby said he'd stay with them, I ventured out onto the busy street outside our hotel. The street was teeming with tourists and vendors .. not sure which there were more of. Well I hadn't gotten 50 feet from the hotel entrance when one of the vendors nailed me with jewelry he just had to show me. Most of it was bracelets of all kinds. All very pretty but I really wasn't in the mood to buy anything. But he wouldn't quit. I kept resisting until suddenly he pulled out one identical to the one in the photo. I fell in love with it immediately and unfortunately for me, he knew it. And so the haggling began at $300!! Bit by bit he lowered the price as I kept resisting. He pulled out the other bracelets, saying that if I didn't want to pay what it was worth I should take one of the others. This went on for over half an hour and I started to get fed up. Finally I looked him in the eye, dug into my pocket and pulled out whatever bills, coins I had. It amounted to about $6. I told him that's all I have. He looked at me in disbelief and shook his head "no way senora". I turned away and said "sorry that's all I have" and began walking back to my hotel. Suddenly he was in front of me again. "Okay, Okay" he said. That was the best $6 I ever spent.

I wore that bracelet everywhere when I got back home. Everywhere I went people asked me about it. It was so eye-catching. It was stamped 925 Taxco Silver and I never saw another like it ... until a year ago when I found the one in the photo above. My bracelet had long ago broken and disappeared, don't even remember where or when. I was delighted to discover the bracelet above and immediately bought myself a replacement ... or so I thought. However, I forgot that I know have lots of trouble with my hands and can no longer handle clasps on bracelets or locks on necklaces.

So now this lovely Taxco Silver Link bracelet sits unworn and waiting for someone who loves silver vintage jewelry, made in Mexico, to want it as much as I did that one so long ago in Acapulco. Perhaps that is you. If so, you know where to buy it: VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE. It's 7" long, 1 1/4" wide and weighs 37.4 grams. And don't forget, silver is a precious metal & appreciating all the time, just like gold and platinum. But it's more affordable!