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Saturday, October 25, 2008


In our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and also on our sites at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE and SHERMAN JEWELRY SHOWCASE, we carry, I believe, some of the most beautiful vintage pieces you'll find anywhere. While we showcase fabulous glitzy costume jewelry from designers like Sherman, Weiss, DeLizza & Elster (aka Juliana), Kramer, Miriam Haskell and others, we also offer some fabulous pieces of Victorian & Art Deco jewelry, along with an incredible assortment of superb quality vintage diamond and gemstone rings and jewelry. A trip though our Ruby Lane Shop is like a stroll through a display of estate jewelry and there's something for all budgets and all tastes.

Take the remarkable antique bookchain necklace shown above. This necklace dates back to the 1860's. We're talking nearly 150 years old! If you search images of jewelry from the Victorian era, invariably you'll come across a photo of some regal Victorian lady, or even her grand-daughter, wearing a book chain like this one, with a cameo that looks a lot like that of Queen Victoria. While this jewelry was everywhere back then, today it's quite rare to come across a book chain like this one, in great condition. It's a mixture of gold plate and real gold, seed pearls and carnelian hard stone on the cameo itself. Why was it called a "book chain"? Because each of the links in that chain are folded like a little book. Utterly delightful. This particular book chain weighs over 27 grams and we're offering it at $100 off right now for only $395 including insured shipping. Why not pick yourself up a true bit of antiquity? You can read more and see more photos of this piece by clicking the photo or THIS LINK.

Now, on the left is another antique ring we have in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE. this one different. It's fashioned from 18k gold and features a ring of seed pearls surrounding an emerald. The emerald is showing its age and some of the seed pearls have been re-glued back into the bezel, but again, what a wonderful antique piece this is for the collectors. When you click on the photo to read up on this one and see more pictures, you'll get an excellent idea of how they made rings way back then. The construction is really something else! By today's standards, some most likely will consider it quite ugly, but it's a rare piece of antique jewelry history that can be yours right now for $325 including insured shipping from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

With the Christmas shopping season quickly approaching now, we are constantly adding more and more wonderful vintage items, including some of the most gorgeous diamond rings and genuine gemstone jewelry you'll ever find. Our prices are the best too. We know how tough the economic climate is right now and that's why it makes sense to shop with us and buy vintage. It costs so much less and is often so much better than anything you'll find in the malls. If you haven't checked us out yet, why not do it now so we can ship in time for Christmas?


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