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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Although I have tons of new pieces recently added to MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE, tonight I'd like to give a plug for 3 hard-working ladies who have recently opened their own shops at Ruby Lane under my mentorship and urge you to visit them to see the wonderful assortment of items each of them carries. You'll find their links on this blog, listed under RUBY LANE ASSOCIATES.

The first shop I'd love you to see is NORTHEAST ACQUISITIONS. Run by Carol Smuck, Northeast Acquisitions has collectibles, vintage jewelry and artisan jewelry, 2 pieces of which are made by Carol herself, and my favourite of which is shown on the right. What a delightful piece this is! This is a pendant/necklace with a floral arrangement that has a hummingbird and a lavender butterfly.
Click on the photo to see more views of this marvellous bit of jewelry made by Carol and to read all the details. As someone who couldn't make jewelry if she tried, I'm in awe of Carol's ability to fashion a necklace like this from vintage components like brooches, earrings and bits and pieces. Carol has also recently uploaded a fantastic Art Deco Egyptian Revival Queen Nefertiti Wooden Demi Parure that will blow you away. It's shown immediately below. Click the photo directly below for more information. It's outstanding!

Carol has also started a very informative blog that you'll just love. Read Carol's Blog HERE!

My second associate at Ruby Lane is Sharon Donson, and Sharon runs YORKSHIRE LANE ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.

Sharon has an actual physical retail shop in North Carolina as well as her newly opened Ruby Lane shop and has collected a massive assortment of items over the years. You'll find lots of interesting items in her shop besides a beautiful selection of vintage jewelry (Hattie Carnegie, Miriam Haskell, Coro, Monet) like postcards, memorabilia (official fan club photos of the Beatles) and lots of adorable Hummels like the little 1940 "School Girl" shown below. Browsing Sharon's shop is like wandering around a little antiques store. Please take a look.

Last, but far from least, is my most recent associate, Debbie Gallagher, who has just opened her shop at ISLAND VINTAGE JEWELRY in the past 10 days. Some of you who read my Sherman blog might already know Debbie as she too is a big Sherman collector and has her own blog on Sherman and other vintage jewelry HERE. Debbie has the most amazing Sherman collection I've ever seen but she's not quite ready to sell off her prized pieces yet from her new shop. But you will find some Sherman there, like the glorious pinwheel brooch shown on the left
along with some B. David, Bond Boyd, Lisner and Coro. Debbie also has some "to die for" unsigned beauties you must take a look at, like the ravishing raspberry rhinestone necklace and drop earrings shown below. It's seeing pieces like this that really makes me wonder who could have made this lovely set? Why isn't it signed? Maybe it was actually made for a designer, like Weiss. It's incredibly similar to one of the Weiss sets that I own. Just look at that color! That's the color that collectors go crazy for in a Sherman or Juliana or any of the famous designers. Well it's perfect for those who can't afford those pieces. Click on that photo below to see more now!

Well there you go. 3 more shops at Ruby Lane run by 3 lovely ladies who'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and purchased from them. And while you're over there, please stop by MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE too. I've just put a pile of items on "CLEARANCE". Some are at my cost or even lower. Times are tough out there right now but maybe you'll find something amongst my clearance items that still fits in your budget. And please pass on my blog link to your friends!


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