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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This week my ship came in ... or should I say my shipment came in and I have so much new (old) designer vintage jewelry to tell you about that I don't know which to start with! I'm in love with all of them. Man, these designers from the 40's and 50's knew what they were doing when it comes to design and quality. Just look at that gorgeous soft yellow and amber bracelet/earring demi on the left. That's a "Juliana" from DeLizza and Elster. Glorious large open-backed stones that glitter with clarity in a chunky but lovely over-the top design. I've just listed it tonight in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE It can be yours for $145 including insured shipping in Canada & to the US.

Then there's one of my treasured Schiaparelli demis. I've had the one below for nearly a year

now and it's exquisite. But I've decided to let it go. YOu see, I love buying this jewelry, looking at it, admiring it and telling you about it, but I don't wear it. And since that shipment has come in and needs to be paid for, not to mention that I need to make room for the new stuff, I have to let some items go. So I wanted to tell you that right now I've sent the Schiaparelli set above to auction at eBay. I've got it listed as a "BUY IT NOW" or "BEST OFFER" and I am receptive to offers. So why not go take a look and make me an offer. This is a bona-fide, authentic and signed Schiaparelli. Take advantage of me: click the photo above to slip over and make an offer!

Last but far from least, I want to tell you about the gorgeous Hollycraft set shown below:

Wow do I love this one! It's available now from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE and I really want you to go take a look at this beauty because it's very special. Hollycraft is distinctive. You can recognize it almost immediately with its ornate but tasteful designs, its lovely use of multi-colored stones often a mix of pastel shades all in one piece, and its unusual locking clasp, all of which you can see in the photo above. But this Hollycraft shown here has one other feature to make it special: See that center stone in the pendant and earrings in the photo above? Can you spot the difference from the one above?

Look at that center stone in both photos. In one photo that center stone is mauve; in the second one, it's blue/green! That, dear reader, is a faux-alexandrite stone! And what we have here then is a very special Hollycraft demi made in and stamped 1950. Click either photo or THIS LINK to go over, see more pictures and read some more about this Hollycraft set.

Well I'm afraid it's bedtime for me. Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Sure wish more of you would leave some comments but hey, we're all busy right? Cheers! Over and out!

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