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Friday, October 10, 2008


When you buy and sell designer vintage jewelry, you see a lot of gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, brooches and sets. I used to think no-one came close to Canadian vintage designer, Gustave Sherman, until I came across this grande parure by Kramer. I truly don't think I've seen a more beautiful set.

The set shown in the composite photo above consists of matching necklace, earrings, brooch and bracelet and all pieces are original to the set i.e. this hasn't been pieced together bit by bit, which is quite common when one is trying to match up a bracelet with a necklace that's been separated long ago. That's not the case here: this one has come my way via a lady who has been collecting designer vintage jewelry for years. She has an exquisite collection valued at over $150,000 which includes pieces by DeLizza & Elster (Juliana), Schreiner, Weiss, Haskell, Kramer and more. All of her jewelry has been lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. Imagine my pleasure at being able to secure this "book piece" grande parure. Yes, this actual set has been featured in at least 2 books on costume jewelry.

Now you'll notice looking at composite above that the colors shown for the same pieces are blue/green in one picture and mauve in another. That's because this divine set is done in those faux-alexandrite stones that I'm so crazy about. I'm actually accumulating a nice little collection of those but such pieces are hard to find. When I find them, I pounce on them LOL!

I urge you to click on the photo above or THIS LINK to go over to my RUBY LANE SHOP and see more photos of this masterpiece of vintage design and beauty. It took my breath away when I first saw the real thing and no photos can ever do it justice. So if you like what you see in the pictures, you'll be blown away by the real thing if you should purchase this set. I have it listed for $795, but you might like to know that there's another vendor at Ruby Lane who is selling just the necklace from a nearly identical set for $500!! Just search "faux alexandrite" at Ruby Lane and you'll find it.

For my Canadian readers, have a great Thanksgiving this weekend. I'll be out and about but emails is checked regularly if you have any questions about this piece or any other jewelry in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE or on our sites at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE, where we've just uploaded a wonderful assortment of rings and gold gemstone necklaces and bracelets.

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