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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Lately I've been developing a passion for other vintage jewelry besides my beloved Shermans. One of my new passions is a rather expensive one: coral jewelry. When I came across the gorgeous bracelet shown in the photo on the right, I was awestruck by the craftsmanship and glorious color. Wow! This one was on auction on ebay and I immediately put a watch on it thinking I might be lucky enough to win it. Yeah right! It sucks when your budget is limited. This incredible piece went for $264 US. And would you believe where the seller found this one? It was in an unclaimed Post Office Box along with the
incredible full necklace shown on the left. Just look at those colors! And what magnificent workmanship in that carving. Did I try to win this one too? Of course I did. Very funny! This one sold for $484 US. Man, sometimes we can't even get that kind of money for the diamond rings we sell.

That's the often amazing part about vintage jewelry i.e. how it can fetch more money from collectors and vendors than diamonds and gold. We had a lady here this afternoon buying one of our best rings, the one shown below. The appraisal on the ring is for nearly $2400. It's incredibly

beautiful and we sold it to her for only $750 Canadian. She was thrilled. I then explained that I specialize in designer vintage while my daughter is the 'ring lady'. I showed her some Juliana and some Sherman. She dismissed them with a "that's nice I guess ..." and went back to admiring her beautiful diamond ring. Well I can't blame her for that but does it ever bring home that adage "Different strokes for different folks!" No wonder garage sales attract people. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

But anyway, back to the coral. After missing out on those two, I then went on a huge hunt for coral jewelry. I couldn't find anything quite as lovely as those two pieces above but I did manage to locate the set of gorgeous beads with a carved coral clasp set in 925 Sterling silver shown here

This is a heavy set of triple row beads in varying lengths and not for those who like lightweight jewelry: it weighs over 68 grams. But it's in fantastic "new" condition because it came from unsold stock in a jewelry store when the owners were retiring. It's never been worn and is estimated to be 20 - 40 years old. If you click on the photo, you can see more pictures of the clasp and the beads in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. We're asking $350 US including shipping and even though it cost us quite a bit, we'll still consider offers. Why not take a look now?

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