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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well yesterday I told you about one of my latest passions: coral jewelry but today, I want to introduce you to Juliana ... if you haven't met her yet. No, JULIANA isn't a living, breathing person. Rather, Juliana is a style of jewelry that was manufactured by Delizza and Elster, a company whose showroom opened back in 1947 (I was just a year old LOL!) on 5th Avenue in New York city.

Now those of you who follow my blog here and/or my other blog on SHERMAN JEWELLERY know that Sherman is my primary interest when it comes to vintage designer jewels, and that's because it's Canadian and I'm in Canada and Sherman jewellery is fantastic. But now I've discovered Juliana, and if I can afford it, I'm hoping to acquire some Juliana demis and parures because they are, in a word, outstandingly beautiful. But there's one problem with Juliana: it's never signed and that gives rise to fakes. I've been taken twice on purchasing what I thought was Juliana, so to avoid that happening again, I've just invested in the book "The Art of Juliana Jewelry" by Katerina Musetti.

From the minute I looked at the first few pages, I was blown away: what incredibly beautiful jewelry! The color combinations in the stones, the construction, the range of designs all leaves you breathless. Looking at the photos got me on a hunt for Juliana and I found there's no shortage of it but you MUST know how to recognize it. Fortunately, when I came across the bracelet shown above at the Christies Antique Show last weekend, I knew what to look for and now I have myself an authentic Juliana ... unless, of course, you decide to buy it. Just click on

either photo to see more shots of this beauty in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. This stunning Juliana bracelet is 7" long and about 1 1/4" wide. Its stones are a lovely combination of deep blue 1/4" marquise cuts and complementary pale blue round stones. Running through the center is a row of 3/8" aurora borealis stones with a peridot-green wash. The whole bracelet just sparkles and glitters. But it's definitely not for those who like lightweight bracelets: this one weights 64 grams!

Well I hope in the future to have some more Juliana to show you but I can't stress enough that if you want to collect this vintage jewelry, educate yourself. Buy that book "The Art of Juliana Jewelry" from Amazon. Heck, when you're done looking at this in my shop at Ruby Lane, do a search on Juliana there. You'll even come across the author's own site! I also found a seller at THIS LINK who has gorgeous Juliana at what I think are very good prices. Check her out!

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