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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's been an interesting few days since I wrote my last post here about rings. I keep saying that of all the jewelry we sell from OUR RUBY LANE SHOP or our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE, vintage rings are our hottest selling item. And nothing drove that home more than what I'm about to share.

That sweet little Art-Deco Sapphire/diamond ring shown on the right has been in our Ruby Lane shop for a few months now. About 5 people put it on their wish lists but no-one did anything about it. A couple of weeks back, I reduced the price when we ran our "EarlyBird Sale". It was listed for a mere $155. Well, in the space of one hour, 2 people contacted me about this ring. One was a young lady who wanted to buy it for herself as a birthday present but she had a couple of questions. I had just finished replying to her, when I saw an order come in for the same ring. At first I thought oh, she made up her mind quickly. But then I realized the order had come from someone else. That was it. She'd lost the ring. First in, best dressed they say.

Then today, I couldn't believe it when an almost identical situation occurred. I've also had the

fabulous Art Deco ring shown above listed in our shop for about the same length of time. I put it on sale too. This ring had more 'watchers' than any other ring in our shop, but still no-one did anything. Then today, the young fellow who had just purchased that sapphire ring above decided he wanted this one too. He emailed and asked about it and said maybe he'd put the order in tonight or tomorrow. I reminded him he'd scooped the other ring from that gal who wanted it and suggested he'd be wise to put in a purchase order just in case someone suddenly scooped him. He took my advice and ordered the ring. Well you wouldn't believe what happened next: another young man contacted me and said he'd been about to order that very ring and was hugely disappointed to see a SALE PENDING notice on it. Again, snooze and you lose.

Twice in the space of a few days, two people wanted the same ring at the same time. It was freaky! Unreal! But the point I'm trying to make is that when you see a piece of jewelry that you want and the price has been reduced and is more than reasonable, why wait? Why wait and take the chance someone else will buy it. Now I have 2 disappointed people and one very happy customer who acted on a good offer. That old saying "the earlybird catches the worm" is true.

So while I have you, I want to let all you ring lovers out there know that we've just uploaded all our new arrivals to 3 pages on our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE. You'll find our less expensive rings HERE and the mid-high range HERE. And we've also added some new vintage items to our GOLD LINE, like the phenomenal Sapphire/Diamond Necklace shown below:

Why not be one of the first to view these fabulous new additions? It's not too soon to start your Christmas shopping ... but it can be too late to get that special item for that special someone if you sit there thinking about it too long!

Oh, while I have you, I've got a few vintage items, including 4 Shermans, on auction at eBay this week. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK AND BID! Auctions end Sunday night, Sept. 28 between 8-9pm, EST.

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