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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Do you love wearing bracelets? I do! And oddly enough, I like them both chunky and delicate. It all depends on mood and what you're wearing, doesn't it. Those days when you're feeling bold and confident and want to draw attention to yourself, you might choose jewelry that's louder than on those days when your mood is subdued. And of course, choosing what jewelry to wear on any particular day depends on what you're doing and where you're going.

Then there's some jewelry, like gold bracelets, that you put on and just leave on because they're light and fit in with anything you're wearing or doing. Take one like this lovely vintage bracelet shown above. Lightweight and lovely, this 14k bracelet has delightful filigree work inside each "wave" link. You put it on and barely know it's there. Click the photo to see more pictures of this one available in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

For me, the beauty of owning a vintage bracelet is its uniqueness. They aren't cookie-cutter ie. you'll find a dozen more like them on or in the local mall. For the most part, if you have a vintage bracelet, you're not likely to come across someone else wearing the same one! The same can be said of something like the charming ring shown above. What a beauty! And coincidentally, what a wonderful ring to combine with the bracelet above. Just look at the lovely and unique design in that ring which features both yellow and rose gold in 14k. It's about 1" long at the top and is made of one continuous piece of gold. What wonderful workmanship. It's available both from our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE or in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

Each of these fine pieces of vintage gold jewelry are only $75. And when it comes to jewelry, gold is never out of style and always a valuable investment.

Find more lovely vintage rings, necklaces and bracelets, like the fabulous EMERALD/DIAMOND 14K bracelet below at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE and in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

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