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Friday, July 11, 2008


Acccording to the July 2008 Past Times Newsletter published by Ruby Lane, "two of the great jewelry trends of the year are Art Deco style pieces and larger pieces, such as chunky bangles and big, bold rings featuring color " and "these styles often overlap in Egyptian Motif pieces."

Just when the world was moving toward the Art Deco style in jewelry in the 1920's, the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered in 1922. Later, in the 60's, the movie CLEOPATRA brought renewed interest in Egyptian style jewelry. When tours of Tutankhamen's tomb became the rage in the 1970's, once again, interest in Egypytian style jewelry increased.

The bottom line is that Egyptian style jewelry is something worth acquiring and holding onto. It may go out of style, but only for a short while, and then it's back again. The piece shown at the top of this post was commonly found around the time all the Tutankhamen tours were going on in the 70's. If you can find one like this in real gold, especially with the current price of gold, grab it! Pieces like these are valuable not just for their Egyptian connection but for the gold in them. Ours, shown above, is only gold plate, but it is vintage and dates to the 70's. But then, as the Ruby Lane newsletter states: "Whatever the piece or price, you can rest assured that an Egyptian themed piece is truly timeless and will always be in style." You can purchase that one from us at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE for only $30. EMAIL US from the website.

On the other hand, you might prefer the fabulous Miriam Haskell pendant shown on the left. It weighs a whopping 108 grams and while not gold, has the added advantage of being part of the Miriam Haskell Egyptian collection. You can read more about this one where we are selling it for only $60 in our RUBY LANE SHOP.

If you don't believe big and chunky is making a comeback now again in 2008, just take a look at what's being displayed in the malls: plastic colored bangles, large dangling pendants and big bold colorful rings are everywhere! And online, there's an interesting assortment of real gold Egyptian style jewelry at THIS SITE.

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