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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today I'm taking a look at another designer whose pieces command a high dollar amongst collectors: Henry Bogoff.

A Polish immigrant, Bogoff and his wife, Yvette, founded the Spear Novelty Company in Chicago in the 1920's and eventually they began including rhinestone accessories in their line. Their jewelry was very beautiful and held its own against the giants of the time like Trifari and Coro. Very well made, the backings, like Shermans, were usually silver-toned rhodium plate.

Bogoff designs are gorgeous, often using smaller rhinestones to flank larger ones for brilliant sparkle. The lovely necklace shown here is very much an art deco style and extremely classy. It is stamped with the familiar block lettering on the back of that eye-catching centerpiece that measures 1 1/4" long X 1" wide. Click on the photo to see more views of this piece which is available from our SHOP at RUBY LANE.

As is the case with most designer vintage jewelry, if you can locate sets rather than individual pieces, the value is greatly increased. However, sometimes if you look hard enough you might just come across earrings or brooches by the same designer that are a wonderful match. The Bogoff shown here is the one and only we have but it's available at a ridiculously affordable price. Be sure to click on that photo to find out more!

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