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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite vintage designers, WHITING & DAVIS.

The first piece of Whiting & Davis I ever purchased is the one shown on the left. When it arrived, I was blown away. I couldn't believe vintage could look this good and could be so "today"!

My daughter's in her mid-20's. She'd giggled a bit when I got into vintage jewelry and then she saw this piece. Like me, she was blown away by its superior construction, new condition, and very trendy look.

This classic example of Whiting & Davis features a fabulously strong double 28 - 30 inch chain from which hangs a superb pendant. The pendant bezel is filigree style, measuring 1 3/4" long and it houses a gorgeous clear piece of smoky quartz. The stone itself is 1 inch long by nearly 3/4" wide.

Whiting & Davis were famous for their use of only the best metals and while it's not silver or gold, these metals just really take a beating and show none of it. This necklace looks brand new and yet it most likely dates back to the 50's. It comes complete with the Whiting & Davis hang tag dangling near the locking clasp.

You can see more photos of this necklace by clicking on the photo. It will take you to our SHOP AT RUBY LANE where this necklace is currently available for only $40!

This is only one of several excellent Whiting & Davis necklaces I have. I also have some of their clamper bracelets, a reverse glass cameo set you can see HERE, and even an old, very vintage design locket that opens to house a small photo. I'll add them to this blog over time so do come back and see them in the future.

And by the way, it really tickled my fancy when that daughter of mine asked to wear one of my Whiting & Davis necklaces with her black turtle neck sweater about a month back. It looked marvellous. She certainly got a charge out of folks asking where she bought it!

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