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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Another of my absolute favourite vintage designers is Albert Weiss.

The jewelry of Albert Weiss was popular from the 1940's to the 1970's. Most of the pieces I've come across are stunningly beautiful, with their marquise cut, high quality Austrian crystal rhinestones.

Weiss rhinestone jewelry is similar to Eisenberg but some other pieces from the 50's also feature rhinestone encrusted butterflies, fruit and flowers.

The absolutely gorgeous piece shown in the photo above, and available for purchase in our RUBY LANE SHOP, really surprised me when I first saw it. I had no idea Weiss had items like this 24" necklace in his line. I was more familiar with his bracelets and choker-style necklaces which often feature marquise-cut stones surrounded by clear prong-set rhinestones. The necklace in the photo, with its baroque imitation pearls and dangling pendant stylings reminded me more of Miriam Haskell.

I'll be adding more Weiss items to this blog over time and I have some really beautiful ones to show you. In the meantime, use the link I've provided to see more photos of this piece or visit my WEISS section at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE.

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