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Friday, May 23, 2008


There's just something so incredibly appealing in a necklace like the one pictured here. What a delightful piece! It's by vintage designer, Krementz.

Dating back to the 50's - 70's or thereabouts, this 12" - 14" choker isn't solid gold (you'd pay a pretty penny for it if it were since it weighs over 14 grams) but it is finished in solid gold overlay, something that wasn't used by many vintage designers apart from Krementz. The result is an absolutely stunning piece that looks as new as anything on the market today as it shows next to no wear.

And just look at that pretty design: Krementz has used a combination of yellow gold and rose gold to bring the flower and leaf motifs to life. From where the leaves meet the solid chain, the pendant area measures a full 3". The centerpiece itself is 2" wide and the perfectly shaped rose is over 1/2' in diameter.

You know, I can just see a young teen wearing this one with a cute spaghetti strap top under a demin jacket. Yes, I did say 'teen'. There's been a huge resurgence of interest in vintage jewelry and the entire vintage jewelry look. I didn't realize that until a youngster of 23 (well young compared to me) came to look at some of my jewelry and just flipped out over some of my rhinestone brooches and long dangling pendants on heavy chains. Somewhat incredulous, I said to her "You really DO like this stuff?" "Oh yes!" she enthused. "It's so cool!" She even purchased a 60-year-old brooch to dress up her coat!

Well live and learn. It feels good to know young people think my vintage jewelry is "cool" and not just "old". And each time I look at this delightful choker signed "Krementz USA", I have to agree. If you'd like to see more photos of this piece, just click on either photo above to see it in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE: VIVI JEWELS

Do you own any vintage jewelry? Why not share your thoughts or photos with me in this blog? I'd love to read your comments!

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