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Friday, May 30, 2008


Tiffany & Co ... eyes blur at the thought of owning a piece of Tiffany jewelry or a Tiffany antique. The whole world recognizes the name of a company that started back in 1837 on Broadway in New York. According to the company website, one of the things that made headlines with that opening was that you couldn't negotiate prices. That was revolutionary. And are you ready for this? The first days sales totalled $4.98!

It wasn't long after that the company introduced their immediately identifiable blue box with the Tiffany name proudly stamped on it. If you purchased in that "Tiffany Blue" box, you were assured of quality, elegance and exclusivity. There was a rule about that Blue Box at Tiffany: none were ever allowed to leave the building unless it contained an article sold by Tiffany.

In 1851, Tiffany became the first American company to use the 925/1000 sterling standard for silver. And it is just one of these sterling silver pieces, complete with its soft blue flannel pouch and its Tiffany Blue box, that I am sharing with you today!

In this day and age of fast food and pre-packaged meals, does anyone still boil an egg? I do. So I've always had an egg-timer handy, but not necesarily one like this Tiffany Sterling Silver Egg Timer. It's an antique, a keepsake ... not something I'd want dropped in the kitchen. If you click on the photo, you can see several more enlarged pictures of this piece, its pouch and its little box in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE where we are selling it for only $150. What a steal for an authentic vintage Sterling silver Tiffany Egg-timer.

The entire piece is 3 inches tall and the sand flows freely and easily. It's in great condition. Only the box itself is showing some wear. And as you can see when you visit our shop to see the enlarged pictures, the timer is stamped with the familiar "Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver". If you collect Tiffany, this is an inexpensive but valuable piece to add to your collection.

We have another fabulous Tiffany piece in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. It's a 14k gold antique pen/pendant that weighs 19.3 grams. If gold jewelry or gold pieces are something you invest in, be sure to take a look at that one too. It's outstanding and rare: a true collector's item.

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