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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Pictured above is one of my best sets of Sherman. It's a magnificent 3-piece demi consisting of necklace, brooch and dangling earrings in one of Sherman's most sought after colors: fuschia. You can see more photos of this set in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE or on the website from which I sell only Sherman jewelry: SHERMAN JEWELRY SHOWCASE.

What I wanted to chat on about in this blog is the astonishing prices folks will pay for fuschia colored Sherman jewelry. Some may think the price I'm asking for this set is huge i.e. $750. But recently on Ebay, I watched an auction where a fuschia necklace and fuschia bracelet was sold for over ... are you ready for this ... $7,000! Have collectors gone insane? Or were the two pieces really worth that much. What was most interesting to me was the fact that while the two pieces were very elaborate and gorgeous, and despite the seller saying they were a match, they weren't. There were similarities for sure, but my family and I studied the photos very closely and noticed differences in both the color and style of stones used in each piece. So yes, they worked well together but they were not a perfect match, not to mention the bracelet was signed but the necklace wasn't.

Now at this LINK is another very pretty fuschia Sherman being sold for $900 or best offer. It's a lovely piece with a stunning design, but it's just a necklace i.e. no earrings, bracelet, brooch etc. Doesn't this just boggle the mind that someone can ask, and will most likely get that kind of money for a fuschia Sherman necklace alone? Bottom line is, if you're a collector of Sherman jewellery, you should be on the lookout for any Shermans in fuschia, especially if it has a japanned backing (mine above does) or Shermans in red, especially if it's Siam red. I'll tell you now they are hard to find. Their owners hold on to them. And if someone is selling them, be prepared to bid high if it's on auction. The prices I've seen for Shermans in general make mine look cheap. Hmmm .... maybe I'm asking too little .... Interesting thought as I move into a new week of selling Sherman jewelry.


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Vintage Jewelry Girl said...

Oh, I wish the picture was still active! I don't know when this was written but I think the price has come down since then.