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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well that's what Marilyn Monroe sang about and it must be true because here we are running several jewelry websites, and you want to know what is the one thing we sell most of? Rings, especially if they're diamond rings.

There's no doubt about it: people are always searching for diamond rings. Go to eBay's ring section and you'll see pages and pages of them. It's exhausting. But here's the thing: does the average shopper know what to look for i.e. how to tell if the diamonds are great quality or just average? Pictures can lie. If you're drawn to the pretty design, but the stones are cloudy, just how good a ring is it? This is one area buyers need to educate themselves on before they put down their dollars.

About a month back I was selling a second-hand diamond ring for only $150. While browsing one of the jewelry shops in our local mall, we came across the exact same ring. Sure it was brand new. But knowing our stones, we could tell the quality of the stones was nowhere near the price tag, well over $600. But someone will pay that rather than buying a pre-loved ring of the same or better quality, just because it's new. But you know what? Diamonds and gold don't lose value over time. So why pay so much more? And when it comes to vintage rings, well, one thing is sure: they aren't cookie-cutter or mass produced. Just like antiques, they appreciate in value.

Let's look at some examples of rings we have for sale. This fantastic Edwardian, European cut diamond ring with .80cts of diamonds and set in 14k gold, has diamonds of VS2- Si2 clarity. What on earth is that you ask? Well the very best diamonds are graded VVS, VS, VS1, VS2 and so on. The diamonds graded Si-1, Si-2 are pretty good too. But then you get to what many stores are selling for megabucks: stones graded I1, I2 or even I3. Buy one of these rings, look through a loop and be prepared for disappointment when it comes to clarity, carbon deposits etc.

Other terms that are important have to do with the color of the diamonds. Those described as G-H or even G-I are top quality for color. Bottom line: if the ring you have your eye on has lots of sparkly stones that are not of the clarity and color described in this blog, well it might be a pretty ring but it's not worth what another identical ring would be with top stones. Wherever you're buying that ring, be it at a store, or on eBay, or from a friend, ask about the quality of the stones. If they don't know, then hold onto your money if the price is really high. Make sure you're not paying too much for too little.

We have a very informative site at BUY GENUINE GEMSTONES (INFO) where you can learn so much about gemstones and diamonds. It's linked to our other site by the same name but different url: BUY GENUINE GEMSTONES which has superb photos and descriptions of the many gemstones we carry. And, by the way, if you're interested in knowing more about that lovely ring in the photo above, just click that photo to see lots more photos and details. You might also enjoy seeing our wonderful collection of rings at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE. Just check out our "SOLDS" page: we sell lots of rings, of varying quality, but at least the quality is always stated and the price is in line with the quality.


Envoy-ette said...

I'm reminded going into mom's jewerly chest and playing princess. The older stuff was gorgeous..just like you have here! I'm glad I popped into your blog!


Hey there! Thanks for commenting. It's lovely to know someone is reading and enjoying my musings. Lots more to come too. I have a whackload of wonderful vintage jewelry & photos to share.

Diamond NJ said...

Really this was fantastic Edwardian, European cut diamond ring. Lovely collection of your jewelry. Beautiful and adorable pieces are their.