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Monday, May 26, 2008


To all our American friends (I'm in Canada) I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. I took yesterday off and realized I'd forgotten all about this blog, so here I am again, this time to talk about Art Deco jewelry, specifically, Art Deco bracelets like the one ones in this post.

The Art Deco period in jewelry was the 1920's to the 1940's and it was a time for what some might consider fussy jewelry and design. I prefer to call it intricate design. Just look at that beautiful Art Deco clamper bracelet above. Click on the photo to see a large version of it. Yes, it's ornate, but what a fabulous design ... a real work of art if you ask me. When I first got this piece, I looked at it from all angles. Then I put it on my wrist and decided it was truly quite beautiful ... certainly the kind of jewelry to draw attention. The stones in this piece are what's known as paste stones, rather than rhinestones. Notice too the most unusual locking/closing piece where a shaft of metal slides through the lock underneath the bracelet for about 2-3 inches. A most unusual construction, but perhaps typical of that era.

I no longer have this particular bracelet. I put it in MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE and someone purchased it in less than 72 hours! That someone was a bride and she was thrilled to have it for her wedding day. She felt it was the perfect final touch to her traditional gown. She wrote to me immediately after receiving it to tell me how much she loved it. I got a charge out of knowing a young bride of today would wear something at least 60 - 70 years old on her wedding day.

So while that bracelet is no longer available, I do have 2 more, one of which is the stunning Art Deco link bracelet on the left. It's 7" long and incredibly pretty. You can read all about this one and see several more photos by clicking the photo or this LINK.

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