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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well I've been really lax with my blog over the past few weeks but my excuse is good and probably the same as yours: busy, busy, busy with preparations for the season's sales and family activities. And now, here it is Christmas eve and finally, some breathing space before part of the family arrives for dinner: my eldest daughter, her partner, and my 6-year-old lovely grand-daughter, shown in the photo.

The other half of my family, my younger daughter Victoria, (my partner in our Ruby Lane Shop, is in Australia right now, spending Christmas with the family of her personal and professional partner, Andrew. You see Victoria leads a double life: she's an international entertainer, singer/songwriter and occasional tribute artist to various superstars like Shania Twain, Patsy Cline, Cher, Marilyn Monroe, and believe it or not, Tina Turner! You can actually watch videos of her and Andrew as they perform in their Superstars show which has raised over $100,000 for the Children's Wish Foundation and other Canadian charities on their site at SUPERSTARS TRIBUTE LIVE. Andrew appears as Buddy Holly, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Neil Diamond.

We're going to miss them this Christmas but when family's spread across continents, you can't be both places at once. And so, as the day fades to evening where we are here in Ontario, Canada and our Christmas lights are twinkling on our little Christmas tree, I want to wish all of you who follow this blog and all my colleagues at JEWEL COLLECT a wonderful and safe holiday season.

And I'd like to close with a GIFT to all of you who are able to able to watch this video embedded here. I put this together in 2006. It has photos from our family albums intermixed with other pictures from around the world. As you watch, please turn on your speakers to enjoy the song, THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS, sung by my daughter Victoria. She recorded this for one of our songwriter friends. We hope you enjoy sharing with us, THE MAGIC of CHRISTMAS.




Friday, November 28, 2008


Lately, I've had a huge amount of interest from visitors to OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE in our opal rings. As a matter of fact, it seems that no sooner do I list them but they're sold, some in less than 2 hours! When the ring is something delicate and pretty like the one below which I'll

be listing in the next few days, I understand: it's a gorgeous setting of diamonds surrounding a single fiery opal .. the kind of ring you can wear anytime and anywhere.

But when it's a ring like the one shown at the top of this blog, even I'm amazed at how much interest a huge ring like this can generate. For starters, it weighs over 14 grams! That's really heavy for a woman's ring. But you know what? This spectacular ring is a one-of-a-kind! There's not another opal/diamond ring anywhere in the world that's like this one. Why? Because it's custom-designed!

I'm assuming the lady who requisitioned this ring might have had a name starting with "S" as the 12 superb diamonds that surround the 2 glorious large opals at the top follow an "S" pattern. There's approximately 1/2 ct. of diamonds in that ring! Then there's the opals! Wow, are they something else. The two large ones are each 9mm long. And just look at the fire in the pic here:

Just click on that photo or the one at the top to see many more angles on this knockout "Hollywood-style" ring. Yes, it's over the top .. for some people. But others love this kind of ring. If you visit OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, you'll see others that we've sold that are also quite large, though none as big as this.

We have more opal jewelry in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE, just recently added in time for your Christmas shopping. There's this delightful set of 14k gold earrings and pendant:

And this utterly gorgeous antique 14k gold opal and diamond bangle:

And there's still other items yet to be added. In short, if someone on your Christmas shopping list is an opal lover, we have so many lovely opal items for you to choose from. Just click any of the photos above to go over to our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and read up on them now!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


On Friday, November 14, our largest local newspaper ran an article and photos of some of the items that would be auctioned in the Sotheby's Auction in Geneva this coming week. I was blown away by the prices they quoted. As a matter of fact, as long as the link holds, you can see some of the photos of the jewelry they'll be selling HERE.

Sotheby's has a 71.73 emerald-cut diamond ring expected to fetch $5 million, a necklace of 160 diamonds for $2 million, and a multi-strand necklace of natural pearls that should bring in $1.3 million! Doesn't this boggle the mind? I can't even sell a single strand of natural pearls these days for $20! No-one seems to be interested in buying pearls, at least not in the circle I'm selling to and that's such a shame as they are really so very beautiful.

But getting back to diamond rings, necklaces etc., it makes me feel good to know that at least in our RUBY LANE SHOP, we carry top grade diamond and gemstone rings at prices that, compared to Sotheby's, are so utterly reasonable. Take that glorious ruby and diamond estate ring shown above. The ruby in it is 2.03cts and is flanked by 4 lovely diamonds in a fabulously ornate 14k gold setting. The conservative appraisal we had done in 2007 puts the ring at $2,109.00 CAD ... an our appraiser values jewelry on the low side. We have this ring listed for only $889 US.

Then there's the outstanding 1.89ct marquise diamond ring shown above, which we've just had appraised. Are you ready for this? It appraised at $13,150.00!! The appraisal is shown with the listing for this ring in OUR RUBY LANE SHOP. And what are we selling it for? We're asking a mere $4995.00 US. We accept layaway. It may not be a Sotheby's diamond ring but again, who can afford Sotheby's jewelry? Not your average buyer, that's for sure.

We have many more fantastic rings in OUR RUBY LANE SHOP. We have opals, tourmalines, incredible sapphires, even platinum/diamond rings at prices you'll never find in a shop or at Sotheby's. And yes, we have lower end rings too, starting as low as $99, for those who just can't go into thousands for a ring but want something of quality for that special person or for themselves this Christmas.

There's this knockout cocktail ring in 14k gold with 8 tanzanite gemstones as clear as you can get in a lovely lavender shade. It's only $195 on sale. Your friends will be green with envy when you flash this one around at those Christmas parties or on New Year's Eve.

And if you're into novelty rings, we actually have the one in 14k gold with top quality diamonds shown below. It's just so different!

This ring is actually two rings in one. When it's closed, it just looks like a lovely diamond heart ring. But then you can open it up to reveal another smaller heart beneath the split heart on top. It's utterly unique and perfect for that person who wants a conversation piece. Just watch folks' eyes light up in surprise when you split that heart to reveal the other hear ring below. Incidentally, it weighs 7.2 grams of 14k and has nearly a quarter carat of Si1 diamonds. This is no cheap silly ring. It's top quality all the way and we're only asking $250!

Let's face it: things are tough right now and it's hard to buy Christmas presents in this economy. But with rings like these, beautiful vintage rings that have been pre-loved and pre-worn but are in great condition and offer top quality diamonds and gemstones, you can still afford to give someone you love a valuable Christmas gift that shows them how much they mean to you. Sure, you didn't buy it at a Sotheby's auction. You bought it at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE at RUBY LANE. What a smart shopper you are! They won't love you less. They'll love you more for buying quality at great prices.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Now that the election is finally over, we can all turn our focus on the next big event coming up really fast: Christmas! If ever there's a time that it's more than just okay to bring out all our glittery rhinestones, diamonds, gemstones, Christmas and New Year's eve is it. And what will you be wearing this Christmas?

We have some gorgeous designer vintage sets for you to wear at Christmas 2009. How about this knockout Siam red and diamond-like rhinestone demi from WEISS, shown below:

Click on the photo to bring up several more and so you can better see the fabulous red in this set. In mint, near new condition, this set will add a breath-taking sparkle and radiance to whatever you are wearing. In a design that most Weiss enthusiasts will instantly recognize, this is a must-have for your Weiss collection to be brought out and worn proudly for years to come. It's available from our RUBY LANE SHOP for only $195.

Now, if your color of choice for Christmas is green, you'll enjoy wearing this absolutely lovely tennis-style bracelet by vintage designer, Atwood & Sawyer, shown below:

This is a beautifully constructed and well-made bracelet over 7" long and 1/4" wide. The emerald green rhinestones are rich with color and together with the clear rhinestones sparkle more than the lights on that tree. Again, it's in fabulous condition front and back, and it's yours for only $45 from OUR RUBY LANE SHOP.

Perhaps your taste in Christmas jewelry goes to something that gives you all the colors and feel of Christmas, and you like matched sets, or parures as we call them. Well just take a look at this one we also carry in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE by vintage designer, ART:

If ever a designer's name matched his creation, this one does. Dare I ask "Isn't this a work of art?" Yes, it is a work of art by ART. Click on the photo to see more and larger views. Look at the colors of those 1/2" givre stones, so splendid in reds and greens and accented by various colored rhinestones: blues, yellows, orange ... and all set off by gold-plated leaves. It immediately brings thoughts of mistletoe and Christmas to mind. This set consists of necklace, bracelet and matching earrings. It's an early piece with a little wear to the plate underneath on the necklace, but that just proves someone wore it year in and year out, and it's still as lovely as ever and still just perfect for Christmas 2009. Buy it now from OUR RUBY LANE SHOP for only $210. This work of ART is a real collector's piece of jewelry.

We have many more fabulous pieces being added daily now. Visit us for Sherman, Haskell, Schiaparelli and also for gorgeous rings, gold, diamond and gemstone jewelry. Make someone's eyes light up this Christmas with beautiful jewelry from VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's really a bit depressing on eBay these days. I don't think I can remember a time like this when so many designer vintage jewelry sellers are selling off their gorgeous collections in massive lots like the one shown above. That particular seller has not one lot, but several like this one. This particular collection contains jewelry with names like

JULIANA never signed

The lot shown above contains 53 pieces and represents 2 years of finding and collecting. And now this seller is letting it all go for $3000 or best offer. That might seem a lot until you look at all the photos she has posted and you take into account the designer names and quality.

But this seller is only one of many doing the same thing ie.. selling off their collections. I was deeply saddened talking with one of my jewelry group members when she said she was ready to let her remaining pieces, including Juliana brooches, for whatever I could offer. Her reason? Glitz just isn't selling anymore. Can this be true? If so, I'm in trouble as I'm now heavily stocked in my SHOP AT RUBY LANE with lovely sets and pieces by ART, WEISS, SHERMAN, HASKELL, SCHIAPARELLI, KRAMER and more. I've added some awesome sets lately. Have you been over to see them? Take my fantastic faux-alexandrite 3-piece Sherman set of bracelet, brooch and earrings shown below:

That's one of those sets that turns a lovely mauve color as the light changes. Or how about this "married" set below: it's a combination of an exquisite necklace signed "Corocraft Patent Pending" and stunning signed Sherman earrings. I'm offering this combination for only $75!

And yet, while I wonder if the economy has taken the joy out of buying vintage glitz lately, on the other hand, there are sellers, like some of my associates at Ruby Lane, selling off Juliana sets for $650! Like Wow! So maybe, for those of you who do have the money to invest, this is actually a great time to stock up on designer vintage jewelry. If we sellers are all feeling the pinch, we're probably dropping our prices, not because the pieces aren't worth it but because we might just have too much money tied up in stock right now. After all, isn't that what we all wait for i.e. shops having sales?

Slip on over to MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE and see how many items we've got marked "CLEARANCE" right now...everything from 14k gold vintage rings like the delightful filigreed

genuine ruby/diamond ring shown on the left which you can purchase from us for only $95 to fabulous genuine gemstone and diamond bracelets. You won't believe the prices and consider this: you can go into your local jewelry stores and pay a fortune for a new ring that's not even half the quality of some of our pre-loved pieces. Don't think that because it's used, someone will think you think less of them. Actually this is one of those times when "less is more". That's right: you pay less for more and better quality when you buy valuable vintage jewelry in excellent condition. I walk the malls too. I'm appalled at what is being charged for new reproductions of vintage glitzy jewelry ... a lot! Why buy repro when you can get genuine vintage designer jewelry. Over the years, glitz will return. Will your collection be a box of cheap reproductions or valuable designer vintage? Now is a great time to shop!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


In our SHOP AT RUBY LANE and also on our sites at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE and SHERMAN JEWELRY SHOWCASE, we carry, I believe, some of the most beautiful vintage pieces you'll find anywhere. While we showcase fabulous glitzy costume jewelry from designers like Sherman, Weiss, DeLizza & Elster (aka Juliana), Kramer, Miriam Haskell and others, we also offer some fabulous pieces of Victorian & Art Deco jewelry, along with an incredible assortment of superb quality vintage diamond and gemstone rings and jewelry. A trip though our Ruby Lane Shop is like a stroll through a display of estate jewelry and there's something for all budgets and all tastes.

Take the remarkable antique bookchain necklace shown above. This necklace dates back to the 1860's. We're talking nearly 150 years old! If you search images of jewelry from the Victorian era, invariably you'll come across a photo of some regal Victorian lady, or even her grand-daughter, wearing a book chain like this one, with a cameo that looks a lot like that of Queen Victoria. While this jewelry was everywhere back then, today it's quite rare to come across a book chain like this one, in great condition. It's a mixture of gold plate and real gold, seed pearls and carnelian hard stone on the cameo itself. Why was it called a "book chain"? Because each of the links in that chain are folded like a little book. Utterly delightful. This particular book chain weighs over 27 grams and we're offering it at $100 off right now for only $395 including insured shipping. Why not pick yourself up a true bit of antiquity? You can read more and see more photos of this piece by clicking the photo or THIS LINK.

Now, on the left is another antique ring we have in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE. this one different. It's fashioned from 18k gold and features a ring of seed pearls surrounding an emerald. The emerald is showing its age and some of the seed pearls have been re-glued back into the bezel, but again, what a wonderful antique piece this is for the collectors. When you click on the photo to read up on this one and see more pictures, you'll get an excellent idea of how they made rings way back then. The construction is really something else! By today's standards, some most likely will consider it quite ugly, but it's a rare piece of antique jewelry history that can be yours right now for $325 including insured shipping from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE.

With the Christmas shopping season quickly approaching now, we are constantly adding more and more wonderful vintage items, including some of the most gorgeous diamond rings and genuine gemstone jewelry you'll ever find. Our prices are the best too. We know how tough the economic climate is right now and that's why it makes sense to shop with us and buy vintage. It costs so much less and is often so much better than anything you'll find in the malls. If you haven't checked us out yet, why not do it now so we can ship in time for Christmas?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tonight's post has been prompted by a reader of this blog who wrote to me after reading about my headaches with an ebay scammer who sold me some Schiaparelli that wasn't Schiaparelli.

This reader went on to tell me about a Schiaparelli bracelet that he/she has and would like to sell but is afraid that now it has been very much devalued because of a small repair. I can only say I sympathize because of my own experiences with things like this. Take the gorgeous JULIANA bracelet shown on the right. This is a magnificent piece with fabulous colors and large clear stones. I'm selling it from my RUBY LANE SHOP for only $95 including shipping, but so far, while folks have put it on their wish lists, no-one has purchased it yet. Are they waiting for me to lower the price? Probably. Why? Because somewhere along the line, someone has removed a link from this bracelet (maybe it was too big or maybe it broke) and where they've fixed it, instead of using an original Juliana link, they're using something else.

Is this enough to stop a buyer? If that buyer is a collector, probably, because collectors want their designer vintage jewelry to be as close to perfect as possible. But someone who simply loves Juliana and wants to wear it, may not be nearly as fussy.

Here's another example. On the left is a wonderful Schiaparelli demi consisting of bracelet and earrings that is for sale from my RUBY LANE SHOP. This set is outstanding: gorgeous large aurora borealis stones in deep, dark shades and fantastic condition ... except for one thing: just after we got the set and were taking photos, one of the links came loose. We could have left it that way and it would have worked fine but didn't want to risk further damage. So I took it to my jeweler and he did a fantastic job of soldering the detached link. The soldering is not visible at all except on the underside. He smoothed it down and you wouldn't know it was there except I've told you so. BUT, this splendid set has been sitting in my shop now for months with no takers. I can't understand it: except for that soldered section, this is in near new condition and it's so very "Schiaparelli"...signed on both bracelet and earrings. I'm now selling this beauty for what it cost me BEFORE the repair. If you're not a super fussy collector but would love to own an authentic Schiaparelli, now's your chance.

I'd be very interested in hearing from others who buy, sell and/or collect designer vintage jewelry on this topic. I hope you'll comment and share your experiences and thoughts on buying, selling and collecting repaired vintage jewelry.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Although I have tons of new pieces recently added to MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE, tonight I'd like to give a plug for 3 hard-working ladies who have recently opened their own shops at Ruby Lane under my mentorship and urge you to visit them to see the wonderful assortment of items each of them carries. You'll find their links on this blog, listed under RUBY LANE ASSOCIATES.

The first shop I'd love you to see is NORTHEAST ACQUISITIONS. Run by Carol Smuck, Northeast Acquisitions has collectibles, vintage jewelry and artisan jewelry, 2 pieces of which are made by Carol herself, and my favourite of which is shown on the right. What a delightful piece this is! This is a pendant/necklace with a floral arrangement that has a hummingbird and a lavender butterfly.
Click on the photo to see more views of this marvellous bit of jewelry made by Carol and to read all the details. As someone who couldn't make jewelry if she tried, I'm in awe of Carol's ability to fashion a necklace like this from vintage components like brooches, earrings and bits and pieces. Carol has also recently uploaded a fantastic Art Deco Egyptian Revival Queen Nefertiti Wooden Demi Parure that will blow you away. It's shown immediately below. Click the photo directly below for more information. It's outstanding!

Carol has also started a very informative blog that you'll just love. Read Carol's Blog HERE!

My second associate at Ruby Lane is Sharon Donson, and Sharon runs YORKSHIRE LANE ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES.

Sharon has an actual physical retail shop in North Carolina as well as her newly opened Ruby Lane shop and has collected a massive assortment of items over the years. You'll find lots of interesting items in her shop besides a beautiful selection of vintage jewelry (Hattie Carnegie, Miriam Haskell, Coro, Monet) like postcards, memorabilia (official fan club photos of the Beatles) and lots of adorable Hummels like the little 1940 "School Girl" shown below. Browsing Sharon's shop is like wandering around a little antiques store. Please take a look.

Last, but far from least, is my most recent associate, Debbie Gallagher, who has just opened her shop at ISLAND VINTAGE JEWELRY in the past 10 days. Some of you who read my Sherman blog might already know Debbie as she too is a big Sherman collector and has her own blog on Sherman and other vintage jewelry HERE. Debbie has the most amazing Sherman collection I've ever seen but she's not quite ready to sell off her prized pieces yet from her new shop. But you will find some Sherman there, like the glorious pinwheel brooch shown on the left
along with some B. David, Bond Boyd, Lisner and Coro. Debbie also has some "to die for" unsigned beauties you must take a look at, like the ravishing raspberry rhinestone necklace and drop earrings shown below. It's seeing pieces like this that really makes me wonder who could have made this lovely set? Why isn't it signed? Maybe it was actually made for a designer, like Weiss. It's incredibly similar to one of the Weiss sets that I own. Just look at that color! That's the color that collectors go crazy for in a Sherman or Juliana or any of the famous designers. Well it's perfect for those who can't afford those pieces. Click on that photo below to see more now!

Well there you go. 3 more shops at Ruby Lane run by 3 lovely ladies who'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and purchased from them. And while you're over there, please stop by MY SHOP AT RUBY LANE too. I've just put a pile of items on "CLEARANCE". Some are at my cost or even lower. Times are tough out there right now but maybe you'll find something amongst my clearance items that still fits in your budget. And please pass on my blog link to your friends!

Friday, October 10, 2008


When you buy and sell designer vintage jewelry, you see a lot of gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, brooches and sets. I used to think no-one came close to Canadian vintage designer, Gustave Sherman, until I came across this grande parure by Kramer. I truly don't think I've seen a more beautiful set.

The set shown in the composite photo above consists of matching necklace, earrings, brooch and bracelet and all pieces are original to the set i.e. this hasn't been pieced together bit by bit, which is quite common when one is trying to match up a bracelet with a necklace that's been separated long ago. That's not the case here: this one has come my way via a lady who has been collecting designer vintage jewelry for years. She has an exquisite collection valued at over $150,000 which includes pieces by DeLizza & Elster (Juliana), Schreiner, Weiss, Haskell, Kramer and more. All of her jewelry has been lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. Imagine my pleasure at being able to secure this "book piece" grande parure. Yes, this actual set has been featured in at least 2 books on costume jewelry.

Now you'll notice looking at composite above that the colors shown for the same pieces are blue/green in one picture and mauve in another. That's because this divine set is done in those faux-alexandrite stones that I'm so crazy about. I'm actually accumulating a nice little collection of those but such pieces are hard to find. When I find them, I pounce on them LOL!

I urge you to click on the photo above or THIS LINK to go over to my RUBY LANE SHOP and see more photos of this masterpiece of vintage design and beauty. It took my breath away when I first saw the real thing and no photos can ever do it justice. So if you like what you see in the pictures, you'll be blown away by the real thing if you should purchase this set. I have it listed for $795, but you might like to know that there's another vendor at Ruby Lane who is selling just the necklace from a nearly identical set for $500!! Just search "faux alexandrite" at Ruby Lane and you'll find it.

For my Canadian readers, have a great Thanksgiving this weekend. I'll be out and about but emails is checked regularly if you have any questions about this piece or any other jewelry in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE or on our sites at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE and VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE, where we've just uploaded a wonderful assortment of rings and gold gemstone necklaces and bracelets.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This week my ship came in ... or should I say my shipment came in and I have so much new (old) designer vintage jewelry to tell you about that I don't know which to start with! I'm in love with all of them. Man, these designers from the 40's and 50's knew what they were doing when it comes to design and quality. Just look at that gorgeous soft yellow and amber bracelet/earring demi on the left. That's a "Juliana" from DeLizza and Elster. Glorious large open-backed stones that glitter with clarity in a chunky but lovely over-the top design. I've just listed it tonight in OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE It can be yours for $145 including insured shipping in Canada & to the US.

Then there's one of my treasured Schiaparelli demis. I've had the one below for nearly a year

now and it's exquisite. But I've decided to let it go. YOu see, I love buying this jewelry, looking at it, admiring it and telling you about it, but I don't wear it. And since that shipment has come in and needs to be paid for, not to mention that I need to make room for the new stuff, I have to let some items go. So I wanted to tell you that right now I've sent the Schiaparelli set above to auction at eBay. I've got it listed as a "BUY IT NOW" or "BEST OFFER" and I am receptive to offers. So why not go take a look and make me an offer. This is a bona-fide, authentic and signed Schiaparelli. Take advantage of me: click the photo above to slip over and make an offer!

Last but far from least, I want to tell you about the gorgeous Hollycraft set shown below:

Wow do I love this one! It's available now from OUR SHOP AT RUBY LANE and I really want you to go take a look at this beauty because it's very special. Hollycraft is distinctive. You can recognize it almost immediately with its ornate but tasteful designs, its lovely use of multi-colored stones often a mix of pastel shades all in one piece, and its unusual locking clasp, all of which you can see in the photo above. But this Hollycraft shown here has one other feature to make it special: See that center stone in the pendant and earrings in the photo above? Can you spot the difference from the one above?

Look at that center stone in both photos. In one photo that center stone is mauve; in the second one, it's blue/green! That, dear reader, is a faux-alexandrite stone! And what we have here then is a very special Hollycraft demi made in and stamped 1950. Click either photo or THIS LINK to go over, see more pictures and read some more about this Hollycraft set.

Well I'm afraid it's bedtime for me. Hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Sure wish more of you would leave some comments but hey, we're all busy right? Cheers! Over and out!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Tonight I want to talk about a vintage designer who is fast becoming one of my favourites: Miriam Haskell. I say "becoming" because it's only been in the last while that I've noticed the very high prices people will pay for an authentic piece of Miriam Haskell and I wanted to find out why.

When I began watching Miriam Haskell jewelry being sold on eBay, I was stunned. Her pieces, especially her sets were fetching massive dollars. I couldn't understand why. For me, the jewelry often looked somewhat chunky and over the top but that's just me. I tend to wear "quiet" jewelry. So when I saw a piece like this cranberry necklace on the right go for $750 US in an ebay auction, I figured there's something I must be missing! I began to research this great dame of vintage jewelry and that's when I learned that every single piece of Miriam Haskell jewelry was individually made. Each bead was strung piece by piece. In her large bead sets, tiny "findings" separated each bead, which helped keep the beads from rubbing against each other and wearing away the finish.

Then there was the intricacy of the "dangles" so common in her pieces, like the one shown in the orange necklace on the left. The workmanship is phenomenal, with tiny seed pearls carefully and painstakingly placed between larger beads and accented by turquoise-colored flowers and all joined by a network of wiring that is so deftly intertwined and hidden, the necklace remains beautiful both front and back. What craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It was on learning this and studying many more photos of Miriam Haskell jewelry that I began to appreciate why her jewelry, though not as rare today as say, a Schiaparelli, is so highly sought after. That coral orange necklace, by the way, recently sold for $537 on ebay. Yes, Miriam Haskell jewelry is worth more than gold to her collectors.

Since "discovering" Miriam Haskell, I've been fortunate enough to acquire a number of lovely pieces, mainly beads. Simple one-row beads don't cost as much as something like the set shown on the right. That one was one of my first "expensive" sets but it was so beautiful and so worth the investment. It embodies all the elements Haskell is known for and the fact that it's a 3-piece parure makes it even more valuable.

I have several "new" (old) Haskells I'll be uploading to my Ruby Lane shop in next few weeks as we get the photos done, but right now, you can get that amazing black & crystal bib or "cha cha" necklace shown at the top of this post for only $395 in my RUBY LANE SHOP. This one is truly a stunner. Click the link or either the photo at the top or the bottom to see more views and learn more about this necklace. It weighs a whopping 117.7 grams ... too heavy for a little person like me to wear but it's just gorgeous. I would never have said that some months back when I hadn't yet developed an appreciation for Miriam Haskell jewelry but we can all change our minds, can't we :))

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's been an interesting few days since I wrote my last post here about rings. I keep saying that of all the jewelry we sell from OUR RUBY LANE SHOP or our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE, vintage rings are our hottest selling item. And nothing drove that home more than what I'm about to share.

That sweet little Art-Deco Sapphire/diamond ring shown on the right has been in our Ruby Lane shop for a few months now. About 5 people put it on their wish lists but no-one did anything about it. A couple of weeks back, I reduced the price when we ran our "EarlyBird Sale". It was listed for a mere $155. Well, in the space of one hour, 2 people contacted me about this ring. One was a young lady who wanted to buy it for herself as a birthday present but she had a couple of questions. I had just finished replying to her, when I saw an order come in for the same ring. At first I thought oh, she made up her mind quickly. But then I realized the order had come from someone else. That was it. She'd lost the ring. First in, best dressed they say.

Then today, I couldn't believe it when an almost identical situation occurred. I've also had the

fabulous Art Deco ring shown above listed in our shop for about the same length of time. I put it on sale too. This ring had more 'watchers' than any other ring in our shop, but still no-one did anything. Then today, the young fellow who had just purchased that sapphire ring above decided he wanted this one too. He emailed and asked about it and said maybe he'd put the order in tonight or tomorrow. I reminded him he'd scooped the other ring from that gal who wanted it and suggested he'd be wise to put in a purchase order just in case someone suddenly scooped him. He took my advice and ordered the ring. Well you wouldn't believe what happened next: another young man contacted me and said he'd been about to order that very ring and was hugely disappointed to see a SALE PENDING notice on it. Again, snooze and you lose.

Twice in the space of a few days, two people wanted the same ring at the same time. It was freaky! Unreal! But the point I'm trying to make is that when you see a piece of jewelry that you want and the price has been reduced and is more than reasonable, why wait? Why wait and take the chance someone else will buy it. Now I have 2 disappointed people and one very happy customer who acted on a good offer. That old saying "the earlybird catches the worm" is true.

So while I have you, I want to let all you ring lovers out there know that we've just uploaded all our new arrivals to 3 pages on our site at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE. You'll find our less expensive rings HERE and the mid-high range HERE. And we've also added some new vintage items to our GOLD LINE, like the phenomenal Sapphire/Diamond Necklace shown below:

Why not be one of the first to view these fabulous new additions? It's not too soon to start your Christmas shopping ... but it can be too late to get that special item for that special someone if you sit there thinking about it too long!

Oh, while I have you, I've got a few vintage items, including 4 Shermans, on auction at eBay this week. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK AND BID! Auctions end Sunday night, Sept. 28 between 8-9pm, EST.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me that in times like these, when folks are losing jobs, the banks and real estate are in turmoil, and with all the talk of recession and worldwide financial chaos, that people still shop for jewelry, and mostly for rings. Could it be that jewelry, especially real gold, diamonds and gemstones are seen as a hedge, a security in times of insecurity?

Or do we simply just love beautiful diamond and gemstone rings? Going by the many enquiries and sales we get on our ESTATE and VINTAGE RINGS, (it's the majority of our sales in our Ruby Lane Shop) yes, people are always looking for beautiful rings. And if they can get one at an affordable price, bingo!

The reason we've chosen to specialize in estate and vintage diamond and gemstone rings has everything to do with quality and style. Sadly, today's new market is flooded with what I have to call "junk" in so many cases. Ebay,, the Home Shopping Channel, and many online sites offer a plethora of cookie-cutter rings made in far off lands for pennies but the quality of the stones, even diamonds, is often very poor.

The same can be said of the rings being sold in many of the retail shops. I've noticed as we check out our local mall that you'll see huge price tags but rarely do we see details on the grading, cut or clarity of the diamonds. You see the rings in a superb display case under gazillions of lights and they twinkle like crazy. But if you took a loupe to the ones that seem relatively affordable (not the high end rings that cost thousands) you'd see milky, clouded diamonds or carbon inclusions and you'd realize why this ring cost thousands less than that ring.

No wonder at VINTAGE JEWELRY SHOWCASE and in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE, we get so many ring sales! We go to great lengths to locate estate and vintage rings with good to excellent quality stones and as much as possible, unique styling. But because these rings have been "pre-loved", you don't pay anywhere near the price you would in a store for a ring of such quality. And when you think about it, diamonds and gold don't really ever lose value. So why pay more? A top quality diamond ring purchased new today will still be hugely valuable in 20 years time. It's money in the bank so to speak!

When you visit our sites (click on any of the photos or links here) you'll see we've provided you with details of the quality of the stones. Gradings like VS, VS1, SI, Si1 and so on are important. This designates good to excellent stones. A ring graded i1 or i3 has diamonds that will be cloudy, and I hate to say it, but many of the diamond rings glittering away in shops or being sold on ebay have that grading. In short, you aren't getting a top quality diamond at all. Now mind you, there's nothing wrong with those diamonds when it comes to sparkling: they're still diamonds. What does matter is how much you're paying for them! If the price tag is in the high hundreds or even thousands, and you can get a quality vintage ring for much less, why buy new?

Visit our Estate and Vintage Showcase sites and browse our rings. You'll find our prices go from very low to high too but the difference will be explained in our descriptions. We spell out the size, color and clarity of the diamonds in our rings. We specify the carat weight and the gold carat of the settings. If a ring has a platinum content and not just gold in the band, it becomes even more valuable as platinum is even more valuable than gold. As a ring buyer, these are things you need to know.

The festive season is on its way. Many people give rings at Christmas. Which one will you want your husband or boyfriend to buy you?

Is your budget tight? Will he have to shop the malls looking for something he can afford just because it's new? Wouldn't it make more sense to invest in a top quality ring, even a pre-loved and pre-worn one that's in great condition and shouts quality and style?

Diamonds do last forever and "diamonds are a girl's best friend". Nothing says "I love you" more than a ring when it comes to gifts. It's not too soon to start shopping now. Our EarlyBird sale is on in our RUBY LANE SHOP until Sept. 30, 2008. Shop now and save!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well yesterday I told you about one of my latest passions: coral jewelry but today, I want to introduce you to Juliana ... if you haven't met her yet. No, JULIANA isn't a living, breathing person. Rather, Juliana is a style of jewelry that was manufactured by Delizza and Elster, a company whose showroom opened back in 1947 (I was just a year old LOL!) on 5th Avenue in New York city.

Now those of you who follow my blog here and/or my other blog on SHERMAN JEWELLERY know that Sherman is my primary interest when it comes to vintage designer jewels, and that's because it's Canadian and I'm in Canada and Sherman jewellery is fantastic. But now I've discovered Juliana, and if I can afford it, I'm hoping to acquire some Juliana demis and parures because they are, in a word, outstandingly beautiful. But there's one problem with Juliana: it's never signed and that gives rise to fakes. I've been taken twice on purchasing what I thought was Juliana, so to avoid that happening again, I've just invested in the book "The Art of Juliana Jewelry" by Katerina Musetti.

From the minute I looked at the first few pages, I was blown away: what incredibly beautiful jewelry! The color combinations in the stones, the construction, the range of designs all leaves you breathless. Looking at the photos got me on a hunt for Juliana and I found there's no shortage of it but you MUST know how to recognize it. Fortunately, when I came across the bracelet shown above at the Christies Antique Show last weekend, I knew what to look for and now I have myself an authentic Juliana ... unless, of course, you decide to buy it. Just click on

either photo to see more shots of this beauty in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. This stunning Juliana bracelet is 7" long and about 1 1/4" wide. Its stones are a lovely combination of deep blue 1/4" marquise cuts and complementary pale blue round stones. Running through the center is a row of 3/8" aurora borealis stones with a peridot-green wash. The whole bracelet just sparkles and glitters. But it's definitely not for those who like lightweight bracelets: this one weights 64 grams!

Well I hope in the future to have some more Juliana to show you but I can't stress enough that if you want to collect this vintage jewelry, educate yourself. Buy that book "The Art of Juliana Jewelry" from Amazon. Heck, when you're done looking at this in my shop at Ruby Lane, do a search on Juliana there. You'll even come across the author's own site! I also found a seller at THIS LINK who has gorgeous Juliana at what I think are very good prices. Check her out!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Lately I've been developing a passion for other vintage jewelry besides my beloved Shermans. One of my new passions is a rather expensive one: coral jewelry. When I came across the gorgeous bracelet shown in the photo on the right, I was awestruck by the craftsmanship and glorious color. Wow! This one was on auction on ebay and I immediately put a watch on it thinking I might be lucky enough to win it. Yeah right! It sucks when your budget is limited. This incredible piece went for $264 US. And would you believe where the seller found this one? It was in an unclaimed Post Office Box along with the
incredible full necklace shown on the left. Just look at those colors! And what magnificent workmanship in that carving. Did I try to win this one too? Of course I did. Very funny! This one sold for $484 US. Man, sometimes we can't even get that kind of money for the diamond rings we sell.

That's the often amazing part about vintage jewelry i.e. how it can fetch more money from collectors and vendors than diamonds and gold. We had a lady here this afternoon buying one of our best rings, the one shown below. The appraisal on the ring is for nearly $2400. It's incredibly

beautiful and we sold it to her for only $750 Canadian. She was thrilled. I then explained that I specialize in designer vintage while my daughter is the 'ring lady'. I showed her some Juliana and some Sherman. She dismissed them with a "that's nice I guess ..." and went back to admiring her beautiful diamond ring. Well I can't blame her for that but does it ever bring home that adage "Different strokes for different folks!" No wonder garage sales attract people. One person's trash is another person's treasure.

But anyway, back to the coral. After missing out on those two, I then went on a huge hunt for coral jewelry. I couldn't find anything quite as lovely as those two pieces above but I did manage to locate the set of gorgeous beads with a carved coral clasp set in 925 Sterling silver shown here

This is a heavy set of triple row beads in varying lengths and not for those who like lightweight jewelry: it weighs over 68 grams. But it's in fantastic "new" condition because it came from unsold stock in a jewelry store when the owners were retiring. It's never been worn and is estimated to be 20 - 40 years old. If you click on the photo, you can see more pictures of the clasp and the beads in our SHOP AT RUBY LANE. We're asking $350 US including shipping and even though it cost us quite a bit, we'll still consider offers. Why not take a look now?